Poland Trip

Message from Rabbi Golker

I am proud to share details of an upcoming community trip to Poland that promises to be both enlightening and unforgettable. Together with Immanuel College Parents, we are organising a Magen Avot Poland Trip scheduled from Sunday, 15 September to Tuesday 17 September 2024. Led by myself and, Miriam Tekuzener (an outstanding and experienced Poland tour guide) this trip will offer a profound exploration of Poland's rich Jewish history and heritage as well as the horrific tragedy of the Shoah. Our itinerary is meticulously crafted to provide insight into significant sites and landmarks, fostering understanding and connection with our shared past and heritage. The trip details are as follows:-

Accommodation: One night at the Ilan Hotel Lublin (Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin) and one night at the Wilga Hotel Krakow.

Transportation: Everyone is responsible for booking their own flights. We request people book one of the flights below:-
• Outgoing: Sunday 15 September: LOT 286 – 06.30am | British Airways BA846 – 07.30am
• Incoming: Tuesday 17 September: Ryanair 1812 – 11.10pm | Ryanair 2345 – 10.00pm

Whilst in Poland, we will have the benefit of a luxury coach for convenient travel throughout the trip.

Meals: Kosher meals provided during the journey includes:-
• Sunday: Packed lunch and hot dinner in Warsaw
• Monday: Breakfast, hot lunch at Lezajsk, and late hot dinner in Krakow
• Tuesday: Breakfast, packed lunch, and hot dinner in Krakow before return flight

Itinerary: The itinerary includes visits to poignant historical sites such as Warsaw Jewish Cemetery, Warsaw Ghetto Heroes Monument, Majdanek Concentration Camp, Lejansk, Lancut Synagogue, Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau, among others. Entrance fees to all sites listed in the itinerary.

Price Exclusions: Flights Travel or medical insurance.

Your participation in this trip would not only enrich your personal journey but also strengthen our community bonds. I urge you to consider joining us for this meaningful expedition.

Places are limited. To reserve your place or discuss any aspect of the trip, please complete the link below, and pay a £200 deposit. Final payment will be needed by Motzei Shabbat 1 June 2024.


Thank you for considering this invitation. Looking forward to sharing an unforgettable journey together.

Rabbi Yoni Golker